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Fidra protects fiber networks by performing signaling operations and testing without the need to manually handle fiber…

In-line, relay-to-relay fiber optic control and monitoring

Fidra is an industry first in fiber-optic protective relaying communication. Fidra enables active control of fiber optic communication, so you can easily manage any type of fiber-optics signaling for operations and testing. Although Fidra can be used for multiple, in-line applications, (including communications disable, fiber-optic path routing, wavelength and fiber type conversion, signal-level monitoring and local and remote loopback testing), its main utility is in eliminating the need to manually handle fiber, thus protecting the fiber-optic infrastructure from damage.

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The process of connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting fiber cables eventually damages the fiber cable. The damage may be minor, such as microscopic dust landing on the glass causing refraction. The damage can also be major, such as a broken connector that causes intermittent communications that might not be immediately noticeable.

Fidra is designed to enable testing and maintenance without the need to manually remove and reroute fiber cables. Thus, it eliminates the need for handling that can damage the fibers and ruin components.

There are several common reasons field technicians have to remove a fiber, including the following:

  • To use a handheld meter to test the incoming signal strength or signal
  • To stop the communication on equipment that has the ability to easily turn off their fiber heads
  • To inject a test signal onto the fiber

Fidra works in-line, for signal metering and protective relaying, thus eliminating the need to manually test/meter the incoming fiber signal strength. With an in-line cut-out switch, Fidra can automatically stop or temporarily interrupt communication between network equipment and the fiber heads. Additionally, with its multiple head arrangement and physical layer switching, Fidra allows the user to connect using the "maintenance" or auxiliary port rather than having to manually disconnect the main line.

All of these functions and more enable you to eliminate the need to disconnect and manually handle the fiber optic cable, unless the cable or the communication equipment needs to be replaced. As a result you can confidently perform all necessary monitoring functions required on today's fiber optic cables and communication equipment, while greatly increasing the life of your fiber-optic network infrastructure.

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