Gen 1 Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gen 1 do?

The Gen 1 product line of telemetry equipment is designed to send digital (on/off) and analog inputs over a voice grade phone circuit and is commonly used in applications involving gas, wastewater, DOT’s, water tanks, and other industrial fields where turning on/off a remote device is necessary. An example would be a pump used to fill a water tank. An analog transmitter (IAFT-30DSP) connected to a transducer sends the FSK signal over a voice grade phone line (or equivalent) to an analog receiver (IFAR-30DSP) which outputs to a device that decides when the tank should be refilled. The Gen 1 transmitter (IT-30DSP) would transmit a signal to a digital receiver (IR-30DSP) switching a relay and turning on a pump. As the tank fills the transmitter and receiver can continue to update the status of the tank and eventually turn off the pump.

What kind of warranty does Iniven provide for the GEN 1 product?

Iniven supplies a 12 year warranty on the Gen 1 for all manufacturer’s defects. Any component that fails for any reason other than physical damage or environmental damage (lightning strike, flood, etc.) will be repaired at no cost.

Is the Gen 1 product compatible with DAQ and QEI equipment?

Yes. Iniven uses the same enclosures and I/O modules. In some cases the products are pin for pin compatible. In others, the Gen 1 will slide into the existing enclosures but some wires on the terminal may need to be moved.

Will Gen 1 equipment operate end to end with DAQ and QEI equipment?

In some cases yes. The FSK transmitter and receivers will work end to end with a DAQ or QEI FSK module. See the chart in the cross references section.

Will Iniven repair older DAQ and QEI equipment?

Iniven will attempt to repair older DAQ and QEI equipment. Many circuits are similar. There is no guarantee that Iniven will be able to repair all products depending on the level of damage.

Will Iniven honor DAQ or QEI warranties?


What is the difference between the 98 Series and the Gen 1 series?

The 98 series uses a lighter, more modern enclosure capable of holding more modules. If you don’t already have equipment installed you’re likely better off with the 98 series. The Gen 1 series is technically equivalent but is generally recommended for customers that already have Gen 1, DAQ or QEI equipment and are looking to add to the their current system or upgrade modules in existing enclosures.

What is the difference between a 10 and a 30?

The 10 and 30 the sub-series of the Gen 1. The 10’s are amplitude modulation (AM) units that are typically recommended for replacements. The 30’s are frequency shift keying (FSK) units that aren’t compatible with 10’s but can share the same enclosure.

What is the difference between a 30 and a 30DSP?

The 30’s are single frequency units that use analog filters, oscillators, and discriminators to transmit and receive the FSK frequencies. The newer 30DSP is programmable for all standard Bell frequencies and uses digital signal processing (DSP) rather than analog components to transmit and receive the FSK frequencies.

Will Iniven filters, oscillators, and discriminators work in older DAQ and QEI telemetry equipment?


Does Iniven plan to discontinue manufacturing and supporting the Gen 1 series?

No. Iniven has no plans to discontinue manufacturing and supporting the Gen 1 series.

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